Our community does not have any commercial purpose, the main objective is sharing knowledge and getting stronger together.

Our members communicate and share information daily through our communication platforms. They talk about their challenges, ask questions, and share interesting information with a common goal of helping each other and growing together. The Behack community stands for an environment of trust and friendship and helps its members to tackle their most difficult challenges. Online and live events are organized all year long free of charge in a relaxed hacker-friendly environment (including drinks/Bites & cyber goodies, around different topics

Research and development

  • New Vulnerabilities
  • Attacking techniques
  • Tools


  • CTF
  • Hack the box


  • Basics
  • Attracking techniques
  • Tools


  • Shaping cybersecurity of tomorrow
  • Challenges of being an Ethical hacker

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Join our dynamic and passionate community of ethical hackers! As a member, you will be able to learn new techniques, participate in educational events, and create innovative solutions for difficult questions. It will be a rewarding and unique experience that will help you grow as an ethical hacker. So, what are you waiting for? Join our ethical hacker community today!

Our founders

We are pen testers, cybersecurity experts, enthusiasts, students, people gathered around a devotion: ethical hacking.

  • Youssef Bey
  • Gianinno Cuignet
  • Guillaume Deterville
  • Mathieu Clicq
  • Clément Laurens
  • Victor Tavernier