An ethical hacking community, by hackers for hackers

We bring together passionate hackers to sit around a table and share knowledge and ideas.

Behack is a hands-on community, where we put theory into practice and take offensive cybersecurity to the next level!

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What we do

We are pen testers, cybersecurity experts, enthusiasts, students, people gathered around a devotion: ethical hacking.

  • Collaboration

    We believe that working together makes us stronger, we are one!

  • Curiosity

    We are eager to learn, we want to develop our skills, we are disruptive and always find new ways, new techniques of hacking.

  • Passion

    We are all different but share the same passion, we live ethical hacking!

Reunited together, we are stronger and we can make a difference in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Imagine learning about different cyber-attacks and techniques, conducting research participating in CTFs …. together all with people sharing the same passion!

Behack stands for collaboration amongst ethical hackers, we are committed to representing and taking this craft to the next level!

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